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Chidboy Funeral Homes

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You can view the obituary and visitation hours for those we serve at  Chidboy Funeral Homes. If you don't see the name you are looking for, you may select a month and year and click Go, or you may enter the last name and click Search. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any needs you may have. Please click the "Send a Condolence" link to leave your message.

Shoffner, Sharon Esther   7/1/2015     Send a Condolence
McCracken, Walter Dean   6/24/2015     Send a Condolence
Pearce, Luella J.   6/24/2015     Send a Condolence
Beers, Judith Louise   6/20/2015     Send a Condolence
Fundanish, C. Colleen   6/19/2015     Send a Condolence
McClure, Charles John   6/16/2015     Send a Condolence
Stuart, Dr. Thomas J.   6/4/2015     Send a Condolence
Wasilko, Jessica Ann McGary   6/2/2015     Send a Condolence
Caldwell, Terry Lemoine   5/29/2015     Send a Condolence
Maines, Kim Jane   5/25/2015     Send a Condolence
Bloom, Margaret Louise   5/24/2015     Send a Condolence
Herr, Mary Lee   5/23/2015     Send a Condolence
Greendoner, Richard A.   5/20/2015     Send a Condolence
London, Joe Robert   5/20/2015     Send a Condolence
Bailor, John Clair   5/17/2015     Send a Condolence
Kubista, Ella Madeline (Madie) Read   5/15/2015     Send a Condolence
LeBeau, Matthew Allen   5/13/2015     Send a Condolence
Barber, Helen Jane   5/11/2015     Send a Condolence
Leonard, Betty Jean   5/11/2015     Send a Condolence
Hullihen, Rosalee Irene   5/3/2015     Send a Condolence
Galio, Sandora Jane Minute   4/25/2015     Send a Condolence
Winebold, Eulalia    4/22/2015     Send a Condolence
Carfley, Francis (Feo)   4/20/2015     Send a Condolence
Fink, June K.   4/19/2015     Send a Condolence
Bennett, Clarence Tracy (Sonny)   4/14/2015     Send a Condolence

To protect your privacy,  Chidboy Funeral Homes will not share your eMail address on the web. We offer you the option of providing it to us solely as a way to contact you. We do not share your eMail with third parties without your express written consent.

 - American Veterans


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